The Teaming Edge Podcast

Collective Efficacy with Dr. Jenni Donohoo

September 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1
The Teaming Edge Podcast
Collective Efficacy with Dr. Jenni Donohoo
Show Notes

What is Collective Teacher Efficacy and how can it make an impact on team performance and student achievement? Dr. Jenni Donohoo shares key insights to help leaders foster collective efficacy in their teams.

Dr. Jenni Donohoo is a five-time best-selling author and professional learning facilitator with more than 20 years experience in leading school change. Jenni works in school divisions across North America supporting high-quality professional learning designed to improve outcomes for all students. As the Director of the Jenni Donohoo Center for Collective Efficacy, Jenni has been recognized internationally as an educational thought leader and has delivered keynote speeches nationally and internationally. She has a PhD in Educational Studies and Supervisory Officer Qualifications and has taught in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools.


  • Collective Efficacy defined  [4:17] 
  • Collective efficacy and expectations [5:43] 
  • Beliefs [6:46]
  • 4 Sources of efficacy (9:10)
  • Relationship between individual self efficacy and collective efficacy (11:13)
  • Social persuasion (12:04)
  • Vicarious experiences (13:55)
  • Concerns Based Adoption Model (17:28)
  • Stages of Concern (20:18)
  • Enabling conditions (24:04)
  • Looking at student work (27:00)
  • Zones of Comfort (29:47)
  • Stages of psychological safety (31:52)
  • How to get started with fostering collective efficacy among your team (34:34)
  • Jenni’s new book (37:04)

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