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From Personality Typology to Polarity Thinking with Dr. Jane Kise

September 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
The Teaming Edge Podcast
From Personality Typology to Polarity Thinking with Dr. Jane Kise
Show Notes

From Personality Typing to Polarity Thinking, Dr. Jane Kise shares her insights on how leaders can be more intentional, systemic, and practical in their work. 

Jane Kise, an educational consultant with extensive experience in leadership, instructional coaching, differentiation, and effective mathematics instruction, is considered a worldwide expert in Jungian type and its impact on leadership and education. The author of over 20 books, she works with schools and businesses, facilitating the creation of environments where everyone—leaders, teachers and students—can flourish. 

She trains educators around the world on coaching, collaborative practices, effective change processes, and differentiated instruction, especially in mathematics. A frequent conference keynote speaker, her past engagements include education conferences and type conferences across the United States and in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand. Jane has also written articles for several magazines and has received awards for her differentiated coaching research. 

Jane currently teaches doctoral courses in education leadership for the University of St. Thomas and is a past faculty member of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type. She served as President of the Association for Psychological Type International. She holds an MBA from the Carlson School of Management and a doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She is certified in Neuroscience and Jungian Personality, 


  • Jane’s early career in education (2:18)
  • Personality types (5:33)
  • Dr. Dario Nard and personality (7:26)
  • Personality typing as a tool for professional growth and increases in student achievement (8:34)
  • Differentiated Coaching framework (16:30)
  • Greatest challenges in supporting educators (22:07)
  • Polarity Thinking (23:21)
  • Holistic Leadership (27:44)
  • Advice to leaders navigating uncertain times (34:33)
  • Collective Efficacy (37:42)
  • Masculine and feminine archetypes in leadership (41:40)
  • Jane’s leadership tip (43:28)

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