The Teaming Edge Podcast

Season 1 Trailer

August 31, 2022 John Willis
The Teaming Edge Podcast
Season 1 Trailer
Show Notes

Hey, this is John Willis and I am so excited to share with you my new podcast. It’s called The Teaming Edge podcast. Every couple of weeks I will be talking with best selling authors, education consultants, and education leaders just like you. We will go deep on topics that will support your team leadership so that you can foster a culture of learning among your teams that leads to increases in student achievement. 

So join me as we talk with great guests like:

  • Dr. Jenni Donohoo
  • Dr. Jane Kise
  • Dr. Diane Sweeney
  • Steve Barkley
  • Dr. Jennie Weiner
  • Dr. Peter DeWitt

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